FARMER CITY, Ill. (WCIA) – Farmer City is recovering from a fire that destroyed their Streets Department office and shop, along with equipment storage. Everything inside was lost.

Dump trucks, lawn mowers, barricades, snow plows and more… Every vehicle Farmer City officials used to keep their streets clean went up in flames Sunday. City Manager Sue McLaughlin said the blaze was “all-consuming.”

Luckily, she said the snow had already been cleared from the streets. Places like Gibson City, Le Roy, DeWitt and Monticello are already offering up their support, with some offering to lend their own street equipment when needed.

“If there is any luck in this, it’s: first, no one was hurt. But second is that the winter storm was over,” McLaughlin said. “Obviously we’ll continue to try to keep the streets clean, but at least the majority of it was over and now it’s just cleaning up and staying on top of it.”

She estimates that somewhere between a half million and $1 million-worth of equipment will need to be replaced. No one was injured in the fire. The Fire Marshal finished investigating today, but the city won’t see a final report for about a month. The city determined it wasn’t arson.

City official Fred Graning confirmed the following items were destroyed: three snow plow dump trucks, a backhoe, two pickup trucks, a street sweeper, small utility tractor, Vactor truck, mowers and various other small pieces of equipment. But he said the city “won’t let this hinder service to the residents.”

McLaughlin emphasized that Farmer City is grateful for all their emergency responders and outside communities who have reached out.