Farm sees high demand for bison meat


MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — Early in the pandemic meat shortages impacted the way a lot of people shop for food.

That has led more people to two brothers at Lieb Farms who raise and sell bison meat. They say they have never seen so many people interested.

“They always want to know where their meat comes from,” says Jake Lieb. “There’s always been an appreciation for homegrown, local production of food. Since COVID came along there was a meat shortage in stores for a while. Which I think prompted some people to look elsewhere.”

Lieb Farms has had a bison herd in Piatt County since 2000. This year has been the most demand they have ever seen. So much that they have even had to turn some people away.

“I hate to do that but we just haven’t been able to keep a supply in because our demand is just overwhelming,” says Lieb.

The farm has been sold out for over a month, but they are hoping to have more in stock within a week. The farm only houses around 50 bison. They hope the new demand and interest sticks around, but for now they are not looking to expand.

“I think as of right now we’re going to stick to the number of animals we have,” says Josh Lieb. “As my boys, and Jake’s going to have a boy in the fall, as they get older and start taking interest in it and they want to do it then more power to them. If they want to expand the herd.”

Another reason why more people are buying bison meat is the price of ground beef has gone up. Now bison does not seem so expensive.

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