Fans spend big bucks on Super Bowl shopping

CHAMPAIGN — How much money did you spend this Super Bowl Sunday? Ticket holders for the game weren’t the only big spenders. People in central Illinois and all over the country shelled out lots of cash for their festivities.
In the packed parking lot of this super market, you’ll find a lot of last minute shoppers.
“We bought some pizzas and some water,” said Naheel Mohammed.
Whether it’s for a big blow out…
“We have a bunch of people coming over. We have a lot of food, alcohol. We’re just gonna party it up.”
Or a small viewing party…
“Having a couple of friends over and have a good time.”
Shoppers have racked up some big bills this Super Bowl weekend.
“Personally we’ve probably spent close to $150 on alcohol and food and everything,” said Sahil Dua, Champaign. 
“About 70 dollars,” said John Biggan, Champaign. 
“Probably somewhere around $100, $150 max,” said Michelle Causey, Champaign. 
Between them alone – that’s almost $400. With the estimated 188 million people who watched the game, those numbers add up to a huge amount: the National Retail Federation says $14 billion. That’s an average of $75 per shopper. That’s for food, drinks and retail. 
“This is my lucky sweater. We haven’t lost a game since I got it,” said Dua.
“I think it was like 95 dollars,” said Mohammed.
And vendors feel the pressure of the demand. Pizza places and wing restaurants prep for weeks beforehand for their busiest day of the year.
“We have to start ordering two weeks in advance for the volume because they don’t have enough space in their trucks,” said Sahil Contractor, Wing Stop store owner.
Wing Stop on Neil Street in Champaign said starting at 2 PM, they cooked 1000 wings every 20 minutes. Wingin Out on Green Street said they tripled their staff and expected to sell 10,000 wings.
“As of now we’re only taking orders that are over 40 dollars just because we have so much so we can’t do the smaller orders,” said Kimberly Howard, Winging Out Marketing Director.
Despite the hard work, it’s a win for these vendors, and worth it for the fans.
“So all the money you’ve spent… worth it?… Yeah definitely. The Super Bowl is like a holiday. We look forward to it all year long,” said Dua.

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