Family tries to rebuild after fire


RIDGE FARM, Ill. (WCIA)—Katey Andrews lived in a home for two years with her grandmother, but last year her grandmother who had kidney cancer got sick. She was rushed to the hospital. That’s when the mother and daughter found out she died. Then, there was more tragic news.

“Not even two minutes after the coroner walked out that’s when the phone call came that the house was on fire, and it was already gone,” said Kelley Andrews.

“We rushed down here. By the time we got here, it was pretty much demolished, and it was still up in flames,” said Katey Andrews. They family says they lost four animals in the fire, a home, and a loved one all in the same day.

“Shocked, scared because I didn’t know what the future held. Upset because we’re still trying to get used to the fact that my mom was gone, that she passed, and then and then it was literally like she took the house with her,” said Kelley Andrews.

“My grandmother wanted me to have this property when she passed. Unfortunately, due to all this COVID things she couldn’t get a will finalized which the will she wrote down was in the house. Obviously, you can see we can’t get it,” said Katey Andrews.

For now Katey is staying at her mother’s house, but she wants to save up enough money to have the home torn down and rebuilt. She’s hoping the community will help.

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