BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WCIA) — In order to keep their entire family safe the Patino family packed their bags and moved miles away and became immigrants.

They say problems in their country forced them out of their home.

The Patino’s were political activists speaking out against a government they didn’t agree with.

They say they were threatened, and that forced them to make a decision to come to America and seek political asylum.

Jose Antonia Patino says “Venezuela is my country and unfortunately my country is falling apart.”

Jose Antonia Patino

27,000 miles away from the home they knew they decided to call home.

Marianela Diaz says “We were afraid if we were safe in our own country.”

Marianela Diaz

The husband and wife has an issue with their government saying its corrupt.

They were threatened and the fear started to get too close to home.

That is when they both new it was time to get out. So they packed up their belongings in four suitcases.

They left family and friends behind in their home country.

Now the Patino’s try to help by sending money and care packages back.

The family says even though they made a life here in central Illinois they still miss Venezuela.