Family searches for person involved in crash


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)– Victor Montes was on his way home when one second changed everything. He was driving his motorcycle when a car collided with him. “I don’t remember it, but what everybody’s been saying is they turned in front of me. After we collided, they left the scene. His mom says a woman found him and sat with him until the ambulance came. The next thing Montes recalls was being on the way to the hospital. He fractured bones in his back, knee, and fingers and has other scrapes on his body. His mom, Crystal Madrigal, says it was a sight that broke her heart. “When I saw him, it just hurt to see his two fingers were drooping and a huge gash in his leg,” said Madrigal.

They’re still searching for the person who left him on the road. “I just like to ask them why? Like why didn’t they stay and check or anything?” said Montes. “I understand human nature, but they left my child to potentially die. They didn’t know what wounds he sustained. It was really hard to think someone could care that little about a human life,” said Madrigal. However, Montes says he’s getting better, and he’s hopeful he will be able to again walk soon. “It’s going to be a long bumpy road, but we’ll get there. With prayers and strength I know he can do it,” said Madrigal.

Montes says he later found out the person was driving a 2010 to 2013 tan Buick Lacrosse. The family believes police have located the car, but they have not found the suspect.

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