PEORIA, Ill. (WCIA) — One month ago, 10-year-old Ma’Liyah White fell into an icy pond while trying to rescue her dogs from the ice. Her grandfather, Carlos Serafin, died trying to save her.

White was hospitalized in Peoria with no brain activity and needing machines to help her heart beat and her lungs breathe. She’s been in the hospital ever since.

Now, one of her family members is giving an update on her recovery.

Amanda Beals, White’s great-aunt, said in a Facebook post that White was removed from a ventilator on Saturday and is doing “amazing.”

White is conscious, moving her arms and legs and trying to get out of the chair she is placed in for several hours per day. White is also attempting to talk, although such attempts are emotional for her.

“It hurts to see her so emotional, however, I will take that over anything because it shows that she recognizes us and that she is a fighter and is trying her hardest to communicate,” Beals said. “She is a tough little girl and will come out of this with flying colors.”

White did suffer a seizure this morning, but Beals said this was likely from stress and White trying to comprehend what happened to her.