Family food, not feud


ARCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — Two food trucks park side by side on the side of a busy street.

A woman owns one truck. Her brother owns the other.

But it’s not a family feud, it’s family food…no sibling rivalry here.

Vita’s is your main course, serving authentic Mexican food. The other is dessert.

They both tell us they’re proud of how their humble family recipes turned their trucks into hot spots.

“My mom always sold food when I was young, so I learned a lot of recipes from her,” said Cynthia Guajardo, who runs Vita’s. “I mean, she’s part of me…my mom. Actually, Vita is my mom’s name.”

Cynthia’s brother, Eddie Gonzales, told us “it’s a business family. So for a long time, it’s a good opportunity to open something here, and the people like it!”

They say they like to change up their menu from time to time, so people can try different, authentic Mexican foods and desserts.

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