Family finds strangers who helped rescue dog


Kayakers help dog to safety

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA)– Two kayakers helped rescue a family’s dog from a river at Kennekuk. A few days ago, they connected on social media. The Hird family was on a hike. Their dog Ellie wandered into the water, but the current was too strong for her. The family tried to save her.

Two kayakers saw Ellie struggling to swim and helped bring her to the shore. After we aired the story, one of the kayakers saw it on our station. They reached out to the Hird family, and they had a virtual meet up on Saturday. The Hird family says they were happy to tell the kayakers what their actions meant to them that day. “I would want to tell someone thank you so that was pretty cool that they were able to allow us to do that. It was just really nice to talk with them,” said Denton Hird. The family says Ellie is doing well. They’re grateful the kayakers were there to help them save their dog Ellie.

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