Families get out the House to celebrate Easter


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–Last year, several people had to cancel their plans to go see family for easter because of COVID, but this easter, many families put those gatherings back on their calendar.

All throughout town, people outside enjoying the holiday with their family. Many have waited for moments like today for months, such as Kermit Hayes and his family were just one of many soaking up the sun at Hessel park and enjoying some barbecue. His niece Jasmine says it was refreshing catching up with her loved ones.

“Really we don’t get to see each other because of COVID,” Yancy said. “Or not all of us at least, it’s a blessing really. I’m so glad we’re able to get together,”

While some brought their families to Champaign to celebrate this Easter, others decided they would be the ones hitting the road. Stephanie Posey said she hadn’t seen her family since coming back to school. This year for Easter, her mom came all the way from Chicago to see her.

“It was just really nice to be out here,” Posey said. “We didn’t get to spend Christmas together last year, so this was nice. We got a chance to cook and the weather was really nice. Today was just special.”

Now she joins her as they travel back to chicago to see the rest of her family.

Officials with the CDC say you won’t have to quarantine after traveling this weekend if you’ve been vaccinated, but should still take measures to protect yourself and others just in case.

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