Families fighting for answers surrounding the treatment of their loved ones while in a jail


Vermilion County, Ill. (WCIA) —

“Its kind of hard to live without your son,” Kenneth Moore, father of Jamie Moore, said.

A grieving father is sharing his heartbreak after his son died in custody, and he’s not the only one. Families are fighting for answers from the Vermilion County Jail. We told you about three people who died in custody over the last few years. Tonight we’re hearing from one of those inmate’s families, but that’s not all.

One woman says her brother is sick. She thinks he has Covid. They also suspect its an outbreak and they’re concerned about what that could lead to.

“When something like this happens, they don’t kill only the person, they destroy the family,” Kenneth Moore said.

Kenneth Moore is grieving the loss of his son, Jamie Moore. He died in 2018 at the Vermilion County Jail. After a fight with officers while being moved from his cell, he was tased and died several hours later. 6 officers were involved. His cause of death was tied to pre-existing heart conditions.

“They need to be looked at because too many peoples are dying,” Moore said.

Last year, Tommy Dalton died in the same building from pneumonia. Now, a third inmate, Joshua Edwards, died in April. All three men were from Hoopeston.

“To have three of them from the same little town, I think there’s something wrong,” Moore said.

Meanwhile, Teshima Holmes is speaking out for her brother, who is currently at the Vermilion County Jail.

“What is it that you all are denying these inmates help for? Send a team of people in. Tell them you have a case where the entire jail is sick, and you all need help,” Teshima Holmes said.

Holmes says her brother is sick. She said when she spoke with him last, he said a lot of inmates in the jail were also sick. They suspect Covid. So WCIA reached out to the Vermilion County Health Department. While they can’t say which congregate living facility has an outbreak, they said two have a Covid-19 outbreak.

“Its possible to separate people slightly, but you really can’t, just send everyone home for a week to quarantine away from each other,” Doug Toole, Vermilion County Health Department, said.

Holmes is worried her brother will suffer the same fate as Jamie Moore, Tommy Dalton, or Joshua Edwards if his condition is not treated.

“If you’re a guard or nurse or anybody and you’re watching somebody go through something and you can change the situation, that’s really ridiculous,” Holmes said.

Both families hope a change is on the way.

“If we can’t count on our police force, who can we count on? Protect and serve. Not to beat up and kill,” Moore said.

He said while he doesn’t want the police defunded or gone, he hopes speaking up will hopefully spark some reform.

“It just bothers me they’re not trying to clean it up, they’re not trying to do any better, and if there’s some bad eggs, just get rid of them. Keep the good guys, we need them,” Moore said.

WCIA reached out to the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Department and did not hear back. We also reached out to the Vermilion County Coroner for the autopsy results for Joshua Edwards, who died April 11, 2021, and was told they won’t be in for weeks. The Moore and Dalton family have legal representation.

Jamie Moore’s father and Teshima Holmes both say they want to see changes. WCIA asked them for specifics. They said they want information relayed back to family, better ways to see or talk to their loved ones, and both say they want their loved ones treated like people.

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