Faith group puts seniors in motion


CERRO GORDO, Ill. (WCIA) — As you get older, getting around becomes harder.

That’s why an organization based in Piatt County is ramping up their efforts to help seniors feel more mobile.

This is Charlene smith’s home.

In her backyard, you’ll find her biggest blessing.

“It was so difficult for Ken to use his walker. It enabled us to go more,” said Smith.

Smith is a senior, but she’s also her friend’s caretaker.

This ramp serves as a sort of bridge, establishing a connection many able-bodied people might take for granted.

“Some of them can’t even get out of their homes,” said Leann Griffin. “That’s where the ramps come in. They can’t get out to get food. So I think people really do need to be out helping them.”

Griffin is the head of “Faith in Action,” a group that helps put seniors back in motion.

“I come from being in the nursing home, where you worked with the residents and seeing them wishing they could be at home, and now I get to help keep them at home,” said Griffin.

Stanley Seevers is just one of the volunteer builders.

He explained, his work isn’t necessarily done when the ramp is.

“When they get to the point where they don’t need the ramp any longer, they call us, and we go and recycle the ramp,” said Seevers.

Every ramp they build is either paid for with donations, or built using recycled materials.

Smith took the volunteers out to lunch one day and presented them with a check.

That covered this ramp, and then some left over to help future projects.

This ramp allowed her and her friend to move forward, and she’s never looked back.

“My children said ‘mother, it’s an accident waiting to happen.’ so that’s why we put in the ramp,” said Smith. “He has thoroughly enjoyed it so much. It’s a blessing for us.”

Seevers said feedback like that is what gives him the faith to keep taking action, in our town Cerro Gordo.

Seevers said the group built 38 ramps in the Piatt County area last year.

But Faith in Action does more than ramp-building.

They also give seniors rides to and from things like shopping trips and doctor’s appointments.

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