CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Today marks the first day of harvest season and some farmers have already started. But more farm equipment in the field means more equipment on the road.

The average speed for a farm vehicle caps out at 20 miles per hour. Rural and farm safety experts say now isn’t time to use country roads as a shortcut. She suggests using interstates when you’re able to so farmers have the space they need.

“What we need to remember is they’re not there to slow us down. We tried to discourage them from traveling during that seven to eight a.m. And the four to six p.m. We try to discourage that. But they’re just there trying to get the crop out as quickly as they can,” said Carle Rural and Farm Safety Coordinator Amy Rademaker.

She said each year there are new drivers on the road. So, safety precautions during harvest season should always be taken seriously.