Champaign, Ill. (WCIA) —

“The smaller they are, the more frequent they are,” Paolo Gardoni, Civil Engineer at University of Illinois, said.

He’s talking about earthquakes, specifically in the Midwest. Some of you felt one yesterday. That earthquake shook some homes in Central Illinois. It happened in Indiana about 40 minutes Southeast of Danville.

He says normally his equipment can detect how much damage is going to occur. He says he was not able to detect this one. It was a 3.8 magnitude earthquake. He says the larger the earthquake, the more rare.

“Completely unlikely scenario that somebody’s lifespan we experience an earthquake in Central Illinois,” Gardoni said.

Only minor damage was reported in Indiana. WCIA had a reporter in Georgetown yesterday, where people felt the shaking, but nothing was damaged. People all over Central Illinois felt the earthquake, from Danville to Champaign, and even farther west.