Fire crews investigate third vacant house fire this month


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — An abandoned house was destroyed after a fire Tuesday night. Investigators say the house was empty and was on the city’s demolition list.

It happened near the corner of Clay and Robinson around 6:00 p.m.

The fire started near the front of the house and quickly spread. Flames continued to burn and spark up for hours.

The fire department hired an excavator to tear down the house so they could completely put out the flames. The house was so unstable, the fire captain declared part of it a collapse zone. That potential danger meant firefighters couldn’t go inside, and had to tackle it externally.

They’re investigating what started the fire, but the captain on scene said an extensive fire this early in the night is unusual.

No one was hurt. The house next door was damaged on the outside panels, but the fire didn’t spread inside any other homes.

The fire captain said he credits his team for the way they handled this fire. He said their quick thinking and strategizing prevented the flames from causing severe damage to surrounding homes.

This is the 15th structure fire the department has responded to this year. It is the third vacant house fire in February. The other two homes were on the demolition list for the Carle development.

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