SIDNEY, Ill. (WCIA) — An unlikely bond between a horse, a young boy, and a 93-year-old man has led to a remarkable relationship.

The results of this relationship have been nothing but miraculous.

In a barn in the middle of nowhere, an old horse named Blue gave a special young boy the ride of his life.  Meet Blue Moonbeam, John Pope, and Lowell Howell.

“Well there have been many many children and adults who come and once they see Blue, they always want to ride,” Howell said. “He has a repertoire of about thirty different tricks and cues he responds to,” explained Howell.

One of those is helping kids like John who has cerebral palsy.

Blue isn’t a certified therapy horse, and Lowell will tell you he’s certainly no therapist.  

“We started out that I would lead Blue one step at a time while Johanna held onto John because he did not have enough balance on his own to know neither one of us are near the horse. I just tell him where to go with my hand signal and he goes,” said Howell.

John’s mom, Johanna Pope said the small strides she saw from her son when they started working with Lowell and Blue have quickly turned into a gallop. 

“His confidence has grown, his hip flexibility and balance have improved a lot which really helps with his walking and skills we are working on,” Pope said.

“We’re just deeply grateful just so grateful for the opportunity and to see how much it’s helping John,” Pope said.

Thanks to a horse and a man, making John’s day every time he saddles up.

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Lowell and Blue have also helped other children with disabilities.