SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Environmentalists have been calling on state lawmakers to pass energy reform measures for years now, but they are asking them to take another look at one bill that did not quite make it out of the chambers last year.

It is asking that Illinois relies on renewable energy 100 percent by 2050. Monday, groups centered around faith marched to the governor’s office to ask him to get the bill over the finish line.

The faith-based groups dropped off petitions from around 23,000 people in Illinois who want lawmakers to get the measure signed into law in 2020. Faith groups say they are joining the fight because as believers, they stand by doing what is right. That includes what they feel is right for the environment.

“When you start thinking and watching on the news, you see those fires and those floods and people don’t think scientifically–I definitely do not think scientifically. But when they show me examples of that kind of stuff, I want to take action to be on the side that says, let’s try to do things that will prevent those kind of things in the future.”

Roy Williams, Jr.
President – Coalition of the Common Good

Many people at the rally were from Central Illinois, but people from other parts of the state did come to Springfield to join the movement.