VERMILION COUNTY, Ill (WCIA) — An emu was spotted in a WCIA viewer’s backyard this weekend.

The viewer called Vermilion County Animal Control, but the large bird was not caught.

The emu is suspected to be one of the almost a dozen emus that got out of their Vermilion County pen. It took several days to round up eight of the escaped emus, with three still unaccounted for. One was believed to have been hit by a bus, but has not been not found.

Since then, there have been several sightings.

Ashlee, the emu owner’s fiancé, said the emus are calm when in their pen, but can run fast when they escape.

“If you chase them, they’re just going to continue to run further and further away,” she said. “Unfortunately, it’s really hard to catch them when they’re just in a large, open area.”