CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Jobs in the US grew by more than 200,000 last month and the unemployment rate remained constant. While some may look at this as good news, we spoke with a local expert who said there’s another number that we should be looking at.

Express Employment’s Marketing Manager, Charlie Miller, said it’s the labor force participation rate that paints the picture. Those numbers represent people who are eligible to work and are actively looking for work. But since the start of pandemic, we’ve seen a 1.3 percent decrease in those numbers.

One of the reasons is believed to be a mix-match of experience and expectation. Miller said now job seekers are more serious about their work-life balance requirements.

“If every candidate that you interview is saying, ‘I want a four-day work week. I want hybrid work. I want…’ Whatever it is, right. Whatever those concessions are, and your business is able to operate and grow with that labor force– with employees working that schedule, then I think you look into making some of those changes,” said Miller.

He says there’s a culture shift happening in the world of traditional work that companies and employers are going to have to learn to grow with. But he also advises those who have found or have a job that already meets a majority of their requirements to hold on to it.