Emergency medical services work to make Illini sports safer


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Emergency medical providers for Illini sports say games are much safer now. They made some major changes two years ago and say they are already seeing that pay off.

Carle Arrow Ambulance service is now the main provider for emergency medical service (EMS) for Illini games.

Just like it takes the Fighting Illini solid team work to pull of a win, it takes this team of medical professionals careful strategy, planning, and execution to pull off the best care possible.

They say the system they have now is a big win.

“Our goal is to make sure everybody is able to enjoy a game here, to be safe, and to go home and be with their friends and family after the game,” says Carle EMS Medical Director Dr. Brad Weir.

Carle Arrow and Illini EMS work together to accomplish the same goal: keeping fans standing and safe. They are also responsible for treating staff and players.

Several arrow ambulances are now inside the stadiums at all times.

“We treat anything from minor injuries to sometimes medical problems like people having chest pain, allergic reaction, strokes,” says Dr. Weir.

Illini EMS is student-led. Undergrads work with advisers to provide medical care. They say now that arrow is there constantly, they can work much faster.

“Because Arrow and Illini EMS are in radio contact with each other at events and on the same channel, they’re just a radio click away if help is needed,” says Illini EMS Adviser Brian Brauer. “We don’t have to go through a third party or go through the 911 center, which adds a later of difficulty.”

He adds that working faster means better care and decreases delays.

“The teamwork has dramatically improved our ability to provide patient care because we don’t have to meet for the first time at an emergency,” explains Brauer. “We already know each other before the emergency, and that allows us to already have a degree of familiarity.”

They say it is an all around smoother transition from stadium to hospital when necessary.

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