DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Crystal Gordon is currently fighting for her life at Decatur Memorial Hospital. While she’s being treated, she had one wish and now the community has stepped in to make it come true.

Gordon was diagnosed with terminal cancer in February and ever since she’s continued fighting. She’s been in the hospital since October, and while she’s receiving care, she told her family she had one last wish.

“Her wishes are to be debt free and she has a mortgage,” Jeff Rauch of Decatur said.

She wants her sons to be able to live in her home, without worrying about paying for it.

When members of the Elks Lodge in Decatur heard about her wish, they knew they had to help.

Rauch got right to work. In 72 hours, Rauch and his team collected the money and paid the house off completely.

“It was amazing, it was a miracle, it was a Christmas miracle,” Rauch said.

Crystal’s aunt, Debbie Sarko was just speechless when she found out.

“I cant get over how quickly things happened and how quickly everybody reacted when I made the comment that Crystal was really fighting right now and really struggling and I’m not sure how things are going to progress,” Sarko said.

Sarko told us Gordon’s health has worsened a little but they’re still hopeful moving forward.

Rauch was just happy to give back to a family going through tough times.

He says this is the biggest act of kindness he’s seen since he’s been with the Elks Lodge.

“It feels great, I never thought we’d be in this position to help this family out so much,” Rauch said.

Sarko delivered the heart-warming news to Gordon, who teared up.

“I think the urgency to make sure that I got to the hospital to tell Crystal your house is paid for and you don’t need to worry about that anymore, the Elks I was on my way to the hospital when I got the call that it was taken care of,” Sarko said.

“We are like a big family here and we help each other and we accept the whole community as our family,” Rauch said.

Rauch took on most of the work himself and told members of the Elks Lodge last night about who they were able to help.

Sarko told me when Gordon is doing better, they are hoping to have her meet the members.