MATTOON, Ill. (WCIA) – Starting your own business can be well, intimidating.

“Terrifying. So scary, but yet it’s been so rewarding,” Ashley Berkheimer, the found of Soul Weights, said.

Places like Elevate CCIC incorporated want to help.

“Part of it is, you know, coming here and connecting with their team to learn about, okay, these organizations are doing this, you might want to be talking to these people and making those connections to other individuals in the area,” Jason Wyatt, CEO and found of One Lead, said.

For the past few years, they have.

“It houses so much community, and we are meant to thrive in community, and it helps young entrepreneurs, but it also helps you build connections, friendships, business ventures,” Berkheimer said.

“It’s not just about the community here. It’s about creating a place where things can take shape and ideas can flourish,” Carlos Ortega, the executive director for Elevate, said.

It all started out as just a challenge, the Illinois Impact Challenge put on by Google. They were awarded 75 thousand dollars from that grant and they used it to open their building and so much more.

“Elevate is here to show, I believe, that the resources are here to create a better future for yourself, and we are to make sure you can do that with what we have brought together,” Ortega said.

Whether it’s a fitness and wellness business, a gaming store, or a leadership and personal growth company.

Elevate wants to bring people and new businesses to Our Town Mattoon.

“I really feel like if you have a dream, a passion, and a skill set than you can turn it into whatever you want, and if you bring that into the doors at Elevate and meet with the staff here, they can help you really turn that into something tangible for you, for your family, and for the community,” Berkheimer said.

Elevate is open 24/7, and offers a lot of resources to people working to start their own business. Like a podcast and conference room, several computers, and a creation room.

To learn more about Elevate, visit their website, here