Elementary school celebrates fitness


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA)– One Central Illinois school was treated to a day of fun in the spirit of fitness. Kids at Enos Elementary in Springfield celebrated a fitness initiative they say wouldn’t be possible without leaders in their community.

Students had to exercise indoors today because of the weather Friday but the experience was not negative for students as they got to hang out with a few area leaders they look up to.

A rainy day on the playground did not stop students at enos elementary from showing off some of their favorite physical education equipment.

“Inside things are a weighted hula hoop as well as cardio cups for them to use, there are medicine balls, and there are weighted jump ropes that we use,” said Cindy Baugher, physical education teacher at Enos Elementary.
“The things they will do for all of those things to be able to use them, 30 minutes is not enough time for them to be able to use them.”

The school did not always have these things. They were able to get these supplies along with a fit pit outdoors through a Project Fit America grant made possible by St. John’s Hospital.

“St. John’s whole mission is to take care of children. So what we want to do is help instill those healthy values in children whenever they are really small in school so so those skills can carry forward the rest of their lives,” said Megan Williams, Community Outreach Facilitator for St. John’s Hospital.

Kids are not the only ones enjoying the activity. Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder and Springfield School District 186 leaders got in on the fun too.

“The kids were great, the played with the adults which is what I wanted them to do. And the adults did it so it was great. That’s what it’s about, to be active and to have fun,” Baugher said.

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