Electric vehicle incentives hitting a roadblock in the capitol


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The governor’s office is pushing for a package of incentives for electric vehicle manufacturers to pass both chambers by the end of veto session this week.

The bill is a follow up to the clean energy policy that passed earlier in the summer. Several states are loading up on perks for auto manufacturers as they look for places to set up shop.

“I think the goal is to have something passed on to the General Assembly by tomorrow and on the Governor’s desk so he could sign so he can continue working on attracting EV production to the state of Illinois,” Bill sponsor Senator Steve Stadelman (D-Rockford) said Wednesday.

Stadelman’s current bill will likely not be the final language to go in front of the House and Senate. The Governor and Manufacturing leaders are on board with the proposal, but labor groups are not signing off. They want to see protections for workers that will fill these new jobs, and for the ones that are worried about their current jobs.

“There are sticking points how things are worded that need to be worked out,” Stadelman said. “So labor obviously has an interest in making sure existing plants and union workers have jobs. So hopefully we’ll be able to come to the table and we can look at some of the language issues that remain.”

Illinois would be far from the first state to try and lure companies in and reap the benefits of the transitioning market. The major companies are also bringing major money to the states they are choosing. Ford recently committed over 11 billion dollars to build a new campus in Tennessee and a pair of battery manufacturing plants in Kentucky.

Illinois is already home to electric vehicle manufacturers — including Rivian and Stellantis. While giving those companies room to grow is part of the plan, the Governor hopes to draw in some of those other investments like Ford’s.

“It’s important that we get incentives to these automakers to ensure that they bring their work here keep the war here, it means thousands of jobs, not only for from what comes to EV manufacturers, but existing plants.”

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