Effort to regulate CBD products


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA)– A new proposal looks to make sure all cannabis products are regulated by the state. The issue: many CBD retailers in Illinois get their products from somewhere outside of the state.

Debbie Carroll is a partner at Simply CBD in Springfield. “Our store is here in Springfield. We do sell wholesale to some places here in Illinois but all of our product comes from Oklahoma,” said Carroll.

Carroll believes her products and others like them need to be regulated. “Products that aren’t regulated and aren’t tested, you don’t know where they are grown. So everything that plant picks up out of the soil is in that product. If it’s not tested properly, you can have heavy metal, you can have insecticides, you can have fungicides, you can all kinds of things that are very detrimental to everyone consuming them.”

A newly filed bill at the capitol calls for all CBD products sold in Illinois to meet testing requirements developed by the state department of agriculture. Bill sponsor Bob Morgan said, “I wanted to create a mechanism that really pushed these products that are already being sold across the state of Illinois to thousands of people to make sure they are held to the same kind of standards we are holding all these other products to.”

While Carroll realizes the dangers unregulated products pose, she feels a change to state law is not the right answer.

“It would be great to be heard and really for them to take some time and listen to what’s going on and how the proposal will effect everybody. Not just the businesses themselves, but the consumers that are trying to get this product. We want everyone to be safe but it needs to be even playing. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) really is where it needs to be stepped up and take care of, not at the state level.”

Morgan said he is not sure whether the bill be taken up this time around.
Some shops in favor of the bill hope lawmakers get this done sooner rather later as more hemp and marijuana products hit the shelves next year.

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