EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WCIA) — Two officers with the Effingham Police Department were recently awarded the EPD Life Saving Award for their actions in saving a woman’s life.

Officials said on social media that on June 4, Officers Poland and Hartke responded to a report of a woman who looked to be in distress. She was gone before they arrived, but she left her belongings behind. They searched the area and her behind a large rock, unconscious and breathing heavily.

Officers determined an opioid overdose was likely the cause. They administered three doses of Narcan while waiting for emergency medical services. The woman quickly regained consciousness.

“The quick response, detailed search, and proper scene assessment by Officer Poland and Officer Hartke stopped what would have likely been a fatal overdose,” Effingham Police said in their post.

The post proceeded to congratulate the officers on a job well done. The awards were given on Sept. 8.