DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The Music Program at Danville Area Community College is getting a major enhancement. Two donors are gifting more than $20,000 worth of instruments the college.

Daniel Applegate, an LCPC at true North Counseling Center in Champaign, donated multiple drum sets and other percussion instruments worth over $10,000. He said that he didn’t want the instruments to “gather dust,” and reached out to Michael “Guido” Esteves, DACC Coordinator of Community Engagement and co-director of the DACC pep band. Having spent time at DACC, Applegate said he “wished to provide more available tools for students in their musical education endeavors.”

Stefanie Pratt, broker at The Stephanie Pratt Team Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group in Champaign, donated a Yamaha piano also valued at more than $10,000. Pratt, known for her involvement in charities and her avid appreciation for rock music, said she chose to donate to DACC in support of Esteves’ music program.

“Stefanie’s motto is ‘Realty That Rocks!’ and she rocks beyond her business savy,” Esteves said. “Stefanie and Daniel are rockstars for their support of DACC.”