CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Eastern Illinois University offered freshmen something more than an education this year — in the form of free laptops.

For kinesiology major Morgan Cramer, EIU was already her target school. Getting a new computer just sweetened the deal.

“I actually did already decide on going to Eastern,” she said. “I knew that they had good programs for what I wanted to go into, and then I saw that and thought it was a really nice thing, really nice bonus.”

Eastern received almost $1 million in grant money that administrators decided to use on Dell laptops for freshmen. The computers also came with preinstalled software that students will need to use. This saved them the trouble of downloading the programs themselves.

For fellow freshman Adam Foster, his computer came at the perfect time after he destroyed his last computer.

“I accidentally spilled soda on it, and it just got all messed up,” Foster said. “So I’m glad I got a new laptop. That’s really cool.”

Most freshmen wanted a new laptop, but not every student needed it. Ava Northen already had her heart set on a MacBook she saved for.

“Since I’m a graphic design major, I am more familiar with Apple products, so I really wanted a MacBook,” Northen said.

Administrators said they were able to provide around 700 laptops to freshmen, but international students could not request a free computer as they were bought with federal grant money. However, administrators said they were able to buy 200 additional laptops that any student can rent at Booth Library.

“I think that it’s a great opportunity and it’s a great thing to do for the freshmen,” Cramer said. “Especially because, you know, we’re new coming in, don’t really know anything about college. And getting something like that, I feel like motivates us a little bit more.”