Educating students about sexual assault


DANVILLE — April is sexual assault awareness month, and one organization is working with schools to educate them about the issue.

The program is through the Vermilion County Rape Crisis Center and it’s helping people, especially students, of all ages get access to free resources. The prevention education program aims to educate them about sexual assault recognition. The crisis center sends educators to K-12 schools and colleges to teach them about body safety and healthy relationships. The curriculum is approved by the individual schools.

Brooke Ferber is a Rape Crisis Center educator. She says, “There are some things that are sexual assault that you may not think that are. Everyone has rights, everyone has the right to be safe. and so we come down here and we talk to them. They’re able to read the literature, and get help if needed. Or help their friends if they feel like their friends if they need it.”

The state mandates that all schools K-12 provide sexual assault prevention education every year. The program at the Crisis Center visits schools all over Vermilion, Edgar and Clark counties. The Crisis Center also has a legal and medical advocate to help victims with their court cases. All their services are free to anyone who needs

The Crisis Center is hosting a sexual assault awareness event on May 6th. It’s called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.” They’re inviting people to join them at Temple Plaza in Danville for a one mile march to support survivors of sexual violence. Click the link here if you want to sign up for the event.

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