Earthquake shakes mobile home park


Georgetown, Ill. (WCIA) —

“I wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t even know nothing like that was going to happen,” Nicholas Williams, Georgetown resident, said.

That’s the reaction from one man after an earthquake rattled Illinois and Indiana. It happened in a town about a hour an hour north of Terre Haute. A 3.8 magnitude earthquake was felt in Champaign, Mahomet, and many other places throughout Central Illinois. One of the places in our area hit harder was Vermilion County.

One mobile home park says their places were shaking and they had never felt anything like it.

“I was just stuck I couldn’t move,” Jo Jo Coffey, Georgetown resident, said.

A mobile home park in Georgetown was rocked after an earthquake hit throughout Central Illinois and Indiana.

“I was laying in bed watching tv and I went to get up and when I did I was like this. I couldn’t move for a couple seconds and the next thing I knew my phone everyone was calling me wondering what it was,” Coffey said.

“The next thing I know the whole trailer starts shaking. I looked out my back window because the first thing I think is the plant back there,” Tosha Andrews, Georgetown resident, said.

A 3.8 magnitude centered around the small Indiana town of Montezuma was felt throughout the area.

“The next thing I know the turtles are jumping off their thing and their water’s sitting there going like this. My neighbors all outside so I was like well now I know I’m not out of my mind. The whole trailer park felt it,” Andrews said.

Tosha Andrews and her daughter, Samantha, didn’t know what to think when their mobile home started shaking.

“I was sitting on the couch watching my show and then all I felt is my couch shaking and then the turtle’s tank rattling,” Samantha Buckellew, Georgetown resident, said.

Williams was in the same area and says the shaking even woke him up.

“I was sleeping for work, because I went to bed late and it had woke me up from my sleep so I went to work,” Williams said.

No damage was reported from anyone that WCIA spoke with at the park.

“I came out after it happened just to check and make sure we had any damage of any kind, but nothing,” Coffey said.

That does not mean it did not shake some people up.

“It rocks you. Even though our trailer is tied down it does rock you. You know we get 60-70 mile an hour winds and it won’t even budge. My mobile home won’t even budge, but it moved me. It moved me just a little bit,” Coffey said.

WCIA had hundreds of comments on our Facebook page with people from all over Central Illinois saying they felt the earthquake.

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