Early voting starts, but uncertainty about Election Day


CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — With so much uncertainty, voting officials are doing the best they can to prepare for Election Day. Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten says they have two potential plans.

One is if they can only register voters at Brookens Administrative Center. The other would work if the decision is appealed and they can register people to vote at their polling places, like they had been expecting.

Hulten says that would be best for voters who already had plans to register on-site.

“All of a sudden, their plans have to change,” said Hulten. “And while there’s still 40 days to go before the election, I think we’re still going to see thousands of voters showing up at polling places on Election Day expecting they’re going to be able to register to vote at their polling place.”

Hulten requested extra money from the county to pay for more election judges and equipment. He says those judges will still be part of the process, but they may get people signed up at Brookens instead of other locations.

The equipment may be used somewhere else than they originally expected. For now, people can register to vote, and vote early, at the clerk’s office.

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