Drivers warned to slow down


TILTON, Ill. (WCIA)—Neighbors are concerned about safety on their street. “There’s quite a bit of speeding, motorcycles, anything, noise,” said Alan Smalley.

Last month the village board decided to remove the east-west stop signs at the intersection of 14th Street and First Avenue. People were upset trucks were making too much noise as they passed. “There is an awful lot of traffic through here, the trucking traffic through the daytime hours going to the landfill here, and it is heavy traffic with the side streets,” said Phil Bernardi, Tilton Police Department.

Now that the signs are gone, people who live nearby say cars aren’t slowing down. Law enforcement says it’s common for people to go 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit, so they’re warning drivers to be more aware. “We’ve also erected signs with the radar gun that will show your speed in attempts to get people to slow down,” said Bernardi. “If the cops sit up here and just wait, they would catch a lot of them,” said Smalley.

That’s something they’re prepared to do. They have tried to increase patrols, and they’re asking drivers to be cautious. “The speed limit is only 30 in this area. We do have school buses stopping, letting children off in the afternoon, and we just ask that you use common sense and caution when using the roadway,” said Bernardi.

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