CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Some people in central Illinois haven’t had their trash picked up in days, and the hot weather is not helping.

A Waste Management expert we talked to said there are several reasons why pickup service has been delayed. Cindi Long with Illini Recycling said the hiring pool for qualified drivers is slim and there have been issues with the trucks, with many companies waiting for parts.

That means there are fewer trash collectors on the road.

“The shortage of qualified drivers, then it does becomes a real problem to get to x amount done in a day’s time because you only have so many hours that you’re working with between what time the landfill closes and number of hours people are are willing to work,” Long said.

Illini Recycling is not having those issues, but many people have switched to the company because of this problem.

We reached out to other companies for comment and are waiting to hear back.