Drive up testing for patients with severe, mild, or no symptoms


Testing options available for community

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–Thousands of people who may not be able to get tested at other hospitals will be able to see if they have coronavirus. CampusTown Urgent Care will offer COVID-19 testing for people who may not even show symptoms of the virus. Medical professionals are implementing new ways to test patients for coronavirus. CampusTown Urgent Care starting testing patients about two weeks ago, and they have done roughly 70 tests. “There’s been a really high demand where only a portion have really been able to be tested out of that demand and that’s what we’re trying to reconcile with our new drive up testing,” said Rachel Burton, CampusTown Urgent Care medical practice manager. People with no symptoms, mild or severe symptoms will be able to get tested completely from their cars. “They have a confirmation number. You can quickly get them swabbed. Their specimens labeled and then later that day we will actually get the labs sent out,” said Burton. They’re hoping to start drive up mid week next week.

They’re not the only ones making changes. Carle announced they will start on site COVID-19 testing for approved patients. This means test samples can be processed at Carle so the turn around time for results will be quicker and could take about 24 hours to get results. However, testing is still limited to specific populations of people. Health professionals are reminding people to stay home as much as possible so hopefully testing won’t be needed.

CampusTown Urgent Care is getting about 2500 tests. They say you will not need a doctor’s referral to get tested, but people who don’t have severe symptoms might not have the cost of the test completely covered by insurance.

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