DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – Danville native Chuckie Robinson III was called up to the major leagues just this week. Today, he gets to make a dream come true on the Field of Dreams.

“Well, this is where it all started at. Between these lines right here. So, this is home to us,” Chuck Robinson Sr. said.

For him, getting the news felt like heaven.

“This is the moment that we’ve all waited for,” he said.

When his grandson was called up to play in the major leagues and not only that, but for one of the biggest games of the years.

“Couldn’t have written a better script, you know. Timing was great, he gets called up the next day, the field of dreams. It doesn’t get any better than that,” Robinson said.

Robinson III is suiting up with the Cincinnati Reds, but before that, he was just a kid with a dream in Danville.

“It was almost an everyday thing. I started him when he was four years old and you know, had the love for the game,” Robinson said. “This is the ultimate goal in the inception of this when we first started and I seen that he had the tools, he had the passion and the love for the game. So, I just asked him is this what you want to do, and he said yeah, and he let me know he wanted to be a major league ball player. And I said I’m gonna do what I can to help you get there and here we are.”

With his grandpa and dad by his side, that dream became reality.

“On a scale from 1 to 10, it’s definitely a 10,” he said.

Going from just a dream, to field of dreams.

But Robinson Sr. said his field of dreams is right in his own backyard.

“This is where I started. This is where we made it happen down here. On this field right here and this is where I’ll always treasure and have admiration and the love for this field,” he said.

Even if he doesn’t play Thursday, the family said they believe he’ll get on the field during the series against the Cubs.