Dozens in court after weekend’s civil unrest


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Twenty-six people appeared in court Tuesday afternoon to be arraigned on charges related to looting, burglary and theft following protests in Champaign that turned turbulent Sunday evening.

Nearly all of those facing charges that followed arrests spaning from Sunday evening to early Monday morning were local to Champaign-Urbana.

All but one incident — a break-in at Colonial Liquors in Rantoul — occurred in Champaign.

Here’s a breakdown of some incidents police responded to Sunday evening, according to court proceedings Tuesday.

Break-in at Piccadilly Liquors

Three people were charged with burglary after breaking into the West John Street liquor store around 11:15 p.m. Sunday. State’s attorney Julia Reitz said officers who arrived on-scene found 34-year-old Robbie Walton hiding inside the store and observed 20-year-old Eudora Sims trying to leave via a shattered store window. Police apprehended a third person, 24-year-old Tavaris Williams, shortly away from the liquor store on John Street. Reitz said officers also found a van registered to Sims running nearby; a sheet inside the van was covering merchandise from the store.

Break-in at Prospect Avenue Circle-K

Three people were arrested in conjunction with a break-in at a Circle K gas station on 1101 North Prospect. Champaign Police officers saw multiple people run out of a smashed front door around 9:30 Sunday evening. Shantee Mason-Tanzie, 30, told police she drove two men to the station but didn’t go inside. Terrance Watson, 32, of Kankakee, was seen running out of the store by police, Reitz said. CPD officers also saw 26-year-old Davonte Wright carrying a locked display case of merchandise out of the store before dropping it; he later admitted to police that he had stolen from the gas station and knew it was wrong.

Break-in at Glenn Poor Audio

A group of four men carried a wrought iron bench that they threw into a window at the West Kirby store on Sunday night, aiming to loot the store, Reitz said. After a CPD officer began to intervene, the group dispersed; 35-year-old Brian Parker was among those who ran away from police but eventually stopped. He was charged with obstructing a peace officer and criminal damage related to the broken window.

Break-in at Dollar General

A quick police response to the Dollar General on West Bradley Avenue prevented three people who broke inside from taking anything, Reitz said. That’s what 20-year-old Kendra Lucas and 20-year-old Precious Dorris told CPD officers who arrived on-scene shortly after 11 p.m. Both women were charged with burglary. A third woman was also found inside the store and charged with burglary after being arrested: Adrianna Holloway, 28, hid behind a shelf in the store’s stockroom, holding a package of diapers. A public defender noted that before the COVID-19 pandemic, Holloway had worked at Penn Station but was currently employed.

Crowd control along Prospect Avenue

Two people were arrested for throwing glass bottles at officers during crowd control efforts early Sunday evening. Marshall resident Serik Mason, 18, was charged with aggravated battery of a peace officer after throwing a glass bottle at a police officer near a Prospect Avenue intersection. Malyssa Moore, 24, was charged with mob action and aggravated assault of a peace officer; Champaign County State’s Attorney Julia Reitz said Moore was part of a crowd near the Prospect Avenue Burger King and was “belligerent” when officers asked the crowd to disperse. (Moore was the only one to be charged by police for that particular offense.) The charge of aggravated assault, Reitz said, stems from the throwing of a Miller beer bottle at police from the sunroof of a car.

Break-in at Colonial Liqours

Rantoul Police officers were dispatched to the liqour store in the 200 block of Maplewood Drive Sunday night. Andrian Bramlett, 26, was charged with burglary. Bramlett had been the driver of a car in which Michael Woods, 23, rode to the store for the purpose of breaking into it. Woods was also charged with burglary; Reitz said he told police that he saw merchandise in the liquor store parking lot and believed it was okay to take it. Woods was later seen on camera footage from the store, according to police. In the car, police found 12-inch wrench, 21 bottles of congac and 19 bottles of Hennesy and 50 packs of cigars.

Break-in at Big Lots

Twenty-year-old Ketone Bryant was arrested after Champaign Police found him inside the Big Lots on Springfield Avenue Sunday night. Police said they watched people run out of broken windows; when they went inside, they found Bryant, who said he wasn’t able to steal anything due to the quick arrival of police.

Break-in at Best Buy

Quintin Manus was the only person arraigned Tuesday who was specifically tied to the break-in at Best Buy early Sunday evening, although multiple people broke into the building. Manus, 32, was charged with burglary after police entered the building and found him running from the back of the store.

Break-in at Shell

Trenton Jones, 26, was charged with burglary to a Shell gas station on North Prospect Sunday night. Police saw him running out of the front door — which had been shattered– and he admitted that he had been inside the building.

Break-in at Family Dollar

Judge Tom Difanis called the presence of a 14-year-old boy at a looted Family Dollar on Market and Bradley streets an “aggravating factor” when he set the bond for the boy’s mother at $10,000 Tuesday. Thirty-three year old Rosalind Parker-Stump was arrested and charged with burglary after being one of the people Champaign police found on scene Sunday night. She had been pushing out a cart of merchandise and told police that she knew it was wrong. A public defender noted that Parker-Stump is out of work due to medical factors related to a high-risk pregnancy; Parker-Stump had no criminal record prior to Sunday’s arrest.

Break-in at Gordmans, Springfield Ave. Circle K, U-Top Beauty

Two young women were arrested after a string of burglaries Sunday night that ended with one calling the police on another to have her removed from an apartment. Azariel Brown, 18, and Trestina Turner, 20, were accused of burglarizing Gordmans, a Circle K on Springfield Avenue, and U-Top Beauty on Bloomington Road before heading back to Turner’s apartment. After an argument broke out later that night, Turner called the police on Brown to have her removed from the apartment. Police saw a brand new merchandise scattered across the apartment and eventually located a cash drawer by a dumpster in the apartment complex; Brown told police the items had been stolen during looting Sunday. She was arrested and once police obtained a search warrant, Turner was also arrested.

Additional Circle-K break-in

Three other people were also charged with burglary in connection to the Springfield Avenue Circle K break-in. Police saw Dionte Wright, 24, and Jeramie Barker, 35, running from the store around midnight with stolen items; both men were found in a vehicle that had additional stolen items in it. The third person, 19-year-old Raekwon Randal, ran from the scene but was waylaid by someone else legally carrying a gun. Randal later told police he had gone into the store with the intention to steal.

Break-in at Citi Trends

While responding to break-ins along Prospect Avenue, police observed Lee, 35, and one other woman leaving Citi Trends through a broken door. She was charged with burglary after police said she had more than $200 of clothing and multiple bags of cannabis.

Break-in at Sprint Mobile

Twenty-year-old Preston Roseborough was arrested for breaking into the Sprint store on Prospect Avenue after a retire Rantoul Police officer said he saw roseborough use a rock to break the store’s window. Roseborough had a cut on his hand, according to police, and they found more than $2,500 worth of jewelry on him during a search. The jewelry carried price tags.

Battery of a peace officer

Champaign Police charged 26-year-old Lawrence Miller with aggravated battery to a peace officer for allegedly slapping the hand of an officer who held it up to keep Miller from running into him during protests Sunday. Police also said Miller allegedly screamed at the officer before slapping the hand.

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