CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Three Champaign restaurants teamed up for a project whiskey lovers can enjoy.

Big Grove Tavern, Punch! and Watson’s Shack and Rail are coming together to form the Downtown Unity Barrel. They’re making their own rye whiskey. The group settled on the drink after tasting samples from a distillery in Kentucky called Castle and Key. A nice balance of sweet, spicy and richness are what customers can expect.

Big Grove Tavern’s marketing specialist Michelle Ryan called the drink a perfect blend of unity between three Champaign businesses.

“We love working together,” Ryan said. “Are we competitors? Yes. But we’re also teammates in supporting downtown and rising tides raises all ships. If we can all work together on a product that we believe in and share it with people that love our establishments, that’s great for us.”

The rye whiskey is available at all three downtown restaurants. You’ll also be able to enjoy it at University of Illinois’ Dad’s Weekend on Saturday Nov. 11.