Douglas County sheriff offers gratitude to first responders who tried to save father


DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Douglas County sheriff is thanking those first responders who tried to save his father when he was found unresponsive in his home last week.

In a Facebook post, Sheriff Nathan Chaplin said his mother came home on July 22nd and found him unresponsive. Chaplin stated he arrived at the house along with his office and medical personnel.

“We attempted to revive my dad for over 30 minutes,” said Sheriff Chaplin. “and if anyone was going to bring him back. We were.” He continued to say, “I immediately crafted a fantasy where he’d come around as I was giving chest compressions, and we’d laugh about how I’d helped save his life later on.” However, his father did pass away.

“Sometimes you can give everything you have, and it still isn’t enough. And that’s okay. That’s how my dad was,” Chaplin explained. “He always cared less about the result, and more about the effort.”

Effort is what Chaplin expressed his appreciation for in regards to those responders who came to his father’s aid. He did not name those who assisted, but he thanked them for their service to the community.

I fought to save my father’s life, but because of these incredible people, I was never fighting alone.

And they are PEOPLE. Extraordinary people, but people nonetheless. I think about the pain they endured being present at my father’s death. The weight they must carry, seeing a family grieve at the loss [of] a father, a grandfather, a husband, a brother. How it must affect them, going back to their families having seen the things they have seen. And not only do they do this, but they immediately come back out and subject themselves to the same horrors again and again…because it’s ‘what they do.’

Sheriff Nathan Chaplin

Chaplin said while people offer their thoughts and prayers, he would also like them send some for Douglas County first responders.

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