URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — A man who saved lives will save even more in his death.

Tuesday, the Gift of Hope flag was raised for Ross Booker…a rare honor. Booker was a tow truck operator, a St. Joseph volunteer firefighter and an organ donor.

The flag was raised to honor his decision to give the gift of life to others.

It has been a difficult few days for the family and friends of the 20-year-old. Several towing companies held a tribute over the weekend after a driver hit and killed him in Champaign while cleaning up an accident.

Tuesday’s tribute was different. A large crowd of loved ones and strangers – operators from other companies and first responders from St. Joe and beyond – watched the flag raising. It will fly for 48 hours – the amount of time the donation process usually takes in the hospital. Then, it’ll be sent back to the family.

The family said they have seen an outpouring of love and support and they want to say “thank you.” They are also reminding all drivers of the importance of Scott’s Law.

“But we also want people to maybe write a representative and ask for extra knowledge of Scott’s Law to be out there,” said Booker’s mother, Marita.

“If you’re a teenager or you’re 100 years old, and you see a vehicle up there with the lights on….slow down, pull over, stop if you can. You might save a life. That life may be your grandson,” said Denver W. Ferguson, Booker’s grandfather. “I wish everyone could have the experience of having two grandsons like I’ve got.”

The law requires drivers to slow or change lanes when approaching a stationary vehicle with its lights on. It is meant to prevent the type of accident that took Booker’s life.

The family is asking the community to “do random acts of kindness” in Booker’s memory and share what they did on the “Booker’s Blessings” Facebook page.

For more information on organ donation, you can visit Gift of Hope. You can read about Scott’s Law on the Illinois State Police website.