Donation helps Monticello School District with COVID-19 testing


PIATT COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — There is a partnership that is helping Piatt County schools with COVID-19 testing. It makes sure people get results more quickly. Now, the Monticello Schools Foundation is giving it a boost.

They are giving $20,000 to pay for more tests. The tests so far have been paid for by the Kirby Medical Foundation. But right now, they only have around 600.

There is really no telling if that will be enough. On Monday alone, 19 people at Monticello Schools had to test and then 15 on Tuesday. So, they could be used up quickly. That is because it only takes one symptom to have to either quarantine or get tested.

Monticello Schools Superintendent Vic Zimmerman calls this a “game-changer,” which makes it a great cause to donate to. “Everybody’s been following the rules and doing what they are supposed to do, and the opportunity to just go to Kirby and to know they’re gonna get their results within a day is just huge,” said Zimmerman.

The way the partnership works is people who have at least one symptom get a form from their school. Then they schedule a testing time with Kirby. Because it is rapid testing, they will get their result within hours. Before the partnership, it could be days.

This donation will go straight to paying for tests. Each one costs $40.

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