CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — In the last couple of months, the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club has started to move some of its programs into this building, called the Martens Center.

Amy Brown is no stranger to leadership. Before accepting the CEO position at the Boys and Girls Club, she was CEO of CRIS Health Aging Center and Executive Director of project success in Vermilion County. She’s excited to make this organization her new home.

“The atmosphere, the children just walking in here this afternoon and hearing all the laughter and the fun and the kids talking back and forth with each other,” Brown said.

Brown will be in charge of overseeing three locations, The Martens Center, the location at Park Street and a facility in Rantoul. Brown says the future looks bright.

“Growth in every single spectrum of the organization,” Brown said.

Retired CEO, Sam Banks says brown is an excellent fit.

“She’s a proven leader, she’s been someone whose been able to understand the needs for the connection with the community, connection with our kids, families,” Banks said.

In addition to helping the kids grow, she also wants to see..

“More parents in the building and programming for parents as well so, just overall creating an atmosphere where the kids feel safe, socially and emotionally and especially physically so they can grow,” Brown said.

Another goal of hers is to attract more kids from nearby neighborhoods.

“Reassure that they don’t have a worry in the world as far as their safety,” Brown said.

Banks told me he’s excited for brown to take over, but will miss the environment.

“I think I’ll miss the kids the most of all and seeing their faces around,” Banks said.

As for Brown, she wants the kids succeed, especially after the toll the pandemic took on most of them.

“They went through the pandemic and they think that’s how school really is and how social life really is, so reintroducing them to large groups of people and social opportunities and activities that are consistent,” Brown said.