SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) – The Illinois State Fair is bringing a new, ‘dino-mite’ exhibit to the fairgrounds this year. 

The fair is hosting a prehistoric habitat complete with 21 animatronic dinosaurs for kids, families and dinosaur fans of all ages. 

“What you’re doing is you’re walking through dinosaur time,” ‘Dino’ Don Lessem, the owner of the exhibit, said. “You get the whole idea of how these animals evolved and disappeared.” 

Dino Don started his company in 1993, and has published books and consulted on dinosaur films like Jurassic Park. According to his website, the herbivore dinosaur Lessemsaurus was named after Dino Don to thank his contributions to the study of dinosaurs.  

This is the first fair for Dino Don and his pack of roaring dinosaurs, who said he usually sets up his exhibit in museums or zoos.  

“My goal is to get as many kids to see dinosaurs as humanly possible,” Dino Don said. “If this works, as well, as we hope it is, we’re going to do two more fairs this year.”

Dino Don’s exhibit is open daily at the state fair from 10am to 8pm. Tickets for the exhibit are not included in State Fair general admission and cost $8 per person.