DEWITT COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office is getting $500,000 in federal funds thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act.

The Sheriff’s Office plans to use the funds on new body cameras to replace the cameras its deputies currently use; the current brand used by the Sheriff’s Office is no longer in production. In addition, they plan to get a new radio system to address spotty communication.

Sheriff Mike Walker recalled a specific instance of these issues interfering with his ability to call for help.

“You know, I was in a rural area a couple months ago on a medical call and was trying to relay information to our medical people who were responding, and I couldn’t get out on the radio,” Walker said. “You know, those kinds of things, if you don’t fix them, can cause a lot of problems. It’s life safety issues and safety issues for our deputies.”

The Sheriff’s Office hopes to have the new body cameras by October and the new radio system by January.