Developments in research behind nationwide Zantac recall


NATIONAL (WCIA) — There are new developments in research behind the nationwide Zantac recall.

The initial research came from a company that was co-founded by a U of I business professor. It found that ranitidine, better known as Zantac, had a concerning amount of NDMA which is a carcinogen.

Most drugstores pulled the product from its shelves. Last week, the FDA issued a recall for all ranitidine products. Now, a lab in California discovered the drug itself may be producing NDMA when it is exposed to high temperatures during the transport process.

The Dean of the U of I Gies College of Business says he was shocked by the findings, but proud that the research stemmed from one of his staff members. “We always encourage our faculty and our staff and our students to really think about the impact that they can have on the world. So we always say that we’re more than just thinking about money and profits and running a business. We’re really about going out and making your mark on the world,” said Jeffrey Brown. The lab in California submitted a petition to the FDA not only asking for the recall, but also that the medicine be shipped under controlled temperatures to confirm that makes a difference after further testing.

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