Despite state contract, students still have choice


ILLINOIS — Currently, school districts in the state are footing the bill for SAT or ACT tests, but that could change under a new bill. The state just switched over to SAT tests, but the bill gives students an option.

It would require the state to provide the ACT to any high school junior who wishes to take it. The best part is the state would pay for it.

Under the proposal, the state would uphold its statutory requirement of providing one test to each student, but would give the individual student the choice between the ACT and SAT.

The ACT has long been the preferred college-readiness exam in states like Illinois. Educators say it’s hard on struggling schools having to cover the cost.

The legislation comes after the decision made by the State Board of Education to stop paying for the test. Instead, ISBE entered into a 3-year contract with SAT.

Lawmakers say the cost is about $39 – $57 per test.

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