CHARLESTON, Ill (WCIA) — A stray puppy now has a roof over his head after being saved by a Coles County Deputy.

Deputy Sam Jackson was sent to a call about a dog running through traffic on a busy road in Charleston. 

When he got there, he says the dog immediately responded to him and started following him around.  

The deputy went door-to-door to find its’ owner. When he couldn’t, he took the dog to the Coles County Animal Shelter. 

No one claimed him, so Jackson and his wife ended up going back and adopting him. 

“My family has always been big on animals and stuff, so you know it’s nice to be able to bring him home and take care of him and stuff, they are also pretty crowded there at the animal shelter,” said Deputy Jackson. 

The shelter named the puppy Jackson since deputy Jackson saved him, but his new name is Chance.