Deputy praised for saving man’s life


TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The Christian County sheriff is praising one of his deputies who saved a man this week.

In a news release, Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp said that early Wednesday, deputies responded to a report of a car parked on a set of railroad tracks near the ADM Grain Elevator in Taylorville. One of the deputies, Andy Voorhees, saw a man passed out in the car. The doors were locked.

The deputy found a window cracked open. He was able to get a door unlocked and wake up the driver. The man moved his car just seconds before a train went through the intersection.

Sheriff Kettelkamp said the deputy’s quick thinking saved the driver’s life. “I’m so proud of the action taken by Deputy Voorhees, without hesitation he put his own life in danger to save the life of another.” He continued to say he was sure any of his deputies would have done the same thing, but Voorhees was the one that answered the call.

He performed his duties just as all of the law enforcement officers in Christian County would have. Our law enforcement officers are to protect and service the citizens of Christian County and that is exactly what Deputy Voorhees did.

I am so proud of all law enforcement officers [that] we have serving our great county.

Bruce Kettelkamp, Christian County Sheriff

Now, this is not the first time Voorhees met the driver, according to the sheriff. He said the deputy arrested the driver two years ago for DUI. He is on probation for charges stemming from the DUI violation. The driver was again arrested for suspected DUI on Wednesday.

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