Dentists reopen under new guidelines


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Dentists welcomed patients back in on Monday. Offices had been closed for non-emergent services for months.

Anderson Dental in Champaign says there are several guidelines the governor has given them, as well as all others in the state, that allow offices to open their doors safely.

One big change is patients checking in via phone. The parking lot is the new waiting room. Patients have their temperature taken then head straight to the exam room once the dentist is ready to see them.

Staff is also wearing face shields and disposable gowns or lab coats.

Anderson Dental says people were only allowed to come in for extreme pain or swelling prior to today.

“Now, it’s to the point where we’re looking to try and avoid people having that type of problem. One of our goals in the dental profession for years has been to help people do preventative care…not to have pain and suffering,” says Scott Anderson with Anderson Dental. “So, we’re thankful to get back to doing what we do best.”

Routine appointments for things like cleanings help dentists catch major issues ahead of time.

However, staff members also say they’ve had patients who’ve been waiting weeks with chipped or missing front teeth. Peoples with those types of issues have first priority for booking appointments.

All patients are asked to wear a mask when entering, but you will, of course, be able to take it off once the dentist is ready to get to work.

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