Dems’ comeback agenda answers gov’s turnaround


ILLINOIS — Some lawmakers are introducing their own turnaround agenda to get the state back on track.

House and Senate Democrats are proposing a comeback plan with several components to move the state forward.

The first part of the game plan involves removing the flat tax system. Democrats say it could create an overall fairer tax structure including removing tax breaks for big corporations which aren’t available to small businesses, plus taxing the wealthy more than the working class.

Another proposal would redraw legislative maps. Other proponents include investing in more jobs and creating more opportunities for students.

The Republican party issued a statement in response to the Democrats’ effort of pushing the comeback agenda.

They said it’s nice to see Democrats agree with the governor on things like criminal justice reform and improving schools, however, they say it’s alarming there aren’t reforms on lowering property taxes or term limits for lawmakers.

The comeback agenda also emphasized the need to eliminate cash bonds in the criminal justice system. Democrats say it keeps too many innocent people locked up before trial because they cannot afford bail.

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