SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) – Republican candidate for state treasurer and representative from Dixon Tom Demmer said Tuesday he did not like Republican candidate for governor Darren Bailey’s resurfaced comments on a 2017 livestream saying abortion is worse than the Holocaust.

“I disagree with Senator Bailey’s comments,” Demmer said. “I don’t think the Holocaust can be used as a comparison with anything.” 

That disagreement is not swaying Demmer’s endorsement. 

“I support Republicans,” Demmer said. “I don’t think Governor Pritzker should be reelected.” 

Demmer was aligned alongside former candidate Richard Irvin during the primary.  Demmer, who had no major opposition, won his primary, but Irvin came in third out of 6th.

“We have this choice between reelecting Pritzker, or making a change going in a new direction,” Demmer said. “I think we need to go a new direction.” 

Irvin has yet to mention his former opponent Bailey since losing the primary, where he attributed Bailey’s win to attack ads against him. Irvin and Demmer’s main financial backer, Ken Griffin, said he’s not donating to Bailey’s campaign.

The democratic candidate, incumbent Mike Frerichs, condemned Demmer’s support of Bailey on Twitter.   

“Tom Demmer says that Darren Bailey would make a good governor,” Frerichs tweeted. “The same Darren Bailey who would criminalize abortion for victims of rape and incest. The same Darren Bailey who hired people who assaulted our Capitol.”